Iran, North Korea

Tehran (IP): The Director-General of the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran and the Ambassador of North Korea to Tehran stressed the need to increase trade cooperation between the two countries and the need to activate trade and financial interactions.

Iran Press/Iran news: In a meeting with Han Sung-Joo, North Korea's ambassador to Tehran on Tuesday, Hamid Zadboom called for strengthening and creating a favorable environment for private companies to trade between the two countries.

He said the formation of a joint trade committee is an effective step in increasing trade between the two countries.

Zadboom emphasized: “In trade relations, in addition to the capacities of the two countries, the cooperation of third countries can also be used."

The North Korean Ambassador to Iran, Han Sung-Joo, also stressed the importance of solidarity between the two countries in the face of US sanctions and the development of economic, trade and cultural cooperation saying the successful efforts of the Islamic Republic of Iran to deal simultaneously with the two issues of Corona and sanctions are commendable.

Referring to the long-standing relations between the two countries, the North Korean ambassador to Iran also called for more contacts and meetings to develop the level of economic cooperation between the two countries and suggested that the Iran-North Korea Trade Promotion Organization form a "Joint Trade Committee".