US attempt to seize CBI assets doomed to failure stated CBI

Tehran (IP) - The Central Bank of Iran (CBI) dismissed a lawsuit filed by the United States to push for transferring Iranian assets to the US through putting the European financial providers under pressure calling it ill-fated.

Iran Press/Iran News: Legal Deputy of CBI Amir-Hossein Tayebi-Fard said on Saturday that US attempt is doomed to fail like similar American legal attempts that have ended in Iran’s favor in recent years.

The Legal Deputy of the Central Bank of Iran, stating that Tehran is pursuing legal action against these measures, reminded that the main reason for the failure of the Americans in the courts of Luxembourg and other cases in the European courts is paying attention to the independence of the Central Bank of Iran from the government as well as the observance of the international legal rule of judicial immunity of the property and assets of the Central Bank and this has been specified in the rulings of the mentioned courts.

On Friday, Deutsche Boerse said that it would take steps to defeat the suit filed in a New York court seeking to require Clearstream to surrender assets.

The German company said it considers the claims by creditors in the US to be unfounded.

The Central Bank of Iran announced that the issue is related to securities belonging to the CBI which has remained in Clearstream institution and has nothing to do with Germany.

Iran is seriously pursuing the case to prevent the potential confiscation of nearly $1.7 billion in securities belonging to Iran and held by Clearstream, a company based in Luxembourg which is a subsidiary of Germany’s stock exchange operator Deutsche Boerse.


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