The Vermont senator wrote in a Twitter message criticizing the economic situation in the country during Trump's presidency, writing that the current economic situation in the United States is such that 29 million Americans do not have enough food.

Iran Press/America: Vermont Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders tweeted Saturday morning criticizing US economic conditions during Donald Trump's presidency.

He stated that the economic realities under the Trump administration are: "29 million Americans are malnourished and 30 million unemployed in the United States who have lost $ 600 a month."

"40 million Americans are also at risk of becoming homeless, while 467 American billionaires have earned $ 800 billion in the last five months," Sanders wrote. "Our job is to create an economy that works for everyone," he said.

He wrote in a Twitter message a few days ago: "While 40 million Americans are facing homelessness, Wall Street is witnessing a record in terms of profits.

While 30 million workers have lost their jobs, the fortunes of 12 billionaires have surpassed the record $1 trillion. He added:  "No, we do not need austerity for working families. "We need austerity for 1% and multinational corporations."

The US economy was in deep crisis during the Coronavirus outbreak, and Sanders said its gross domestic product had fallen by at least 33 percent in the past few months.

On the other hand, the number of daily infections in the United States continues to rise, despite repeated warnings from various health officials in the United States about the rapid increase in the number of COVID 19 virus cases in the United States.


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