Geneva|Iran,Turkey confer on Syrian-Syrian dialogue

Senior Assistant to Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran for Political Affairs, Ali Asghar Khaji, and Deputy Foreign Minister of Turkey, Sadat Onal, discussed the latest developments in Syria on the sideline of the third meeting of the Syrian Constitutional Committee in Geneva, Switzerland.

Iran PressEurope: 'Khaji' and 'Onal' in this meeting, referring to the principles agreed by the member states of the Astana process on respecting the national sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Syria, stressed the continuation of supporting the political process and the Syrian-Syrian dialogue within the framework of the Constitutional Committee and the fight against terrorism.

During the meeting, the Iranian Assistant Foreign Minister referred to his visit to Syria last week and meeting Syrian officials, including the Syrian president, and stated that Tehran supports the meetings of the Syrian Constitutional Committee without foreign interference.

The Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister also stressed his country's readiness to continue talks within the framework of the Astana process as well as mutual consultation on this and other regional issues.

In the end, the two sides expressed hope that the Syrian Constitutional Committee would continue its job successfully.

The idea of ??forming a Syrian constitutional committee was first raised at the meeting of the 'Syrian National Dialogue Congress'.

The Syrian National Dialogue Congress was held on January 29 and 30, 2018 in the Russian city of Sochi.

Agreement reached on holding the Syrian National Dialogue Congress during the November 2017 summit of the leaders of Iran, Russia, and Turkey, the 'guarantors of the Astana process' in Russia.       2074/209

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