Tehran (IP) - The Iranian president said that the US plan to reinstate sanctions on Iran via the so-called 'snapback' mechanism linked to an international nuclear deal will "go nowhere".

Iran Press/Iran news: "Economic war is in line with plots hatched by the global arrogance against the country," Rouhani said speaking at the cabinet meeting on Wednesday morning.

President Rouhani said: "We have a very heavy responsibility during the Government Week, like the conspiracies that were plotted against us in the 1970s, and today the global arrogance has plotted against us. At that time, they wanted to overthrow the Islamic system by assassinating the officials. The next day, they pursued this goal with the imposed war and today with the economic war."

The President called the month of Muharram a large and large school in the world of Shiism and Islam and said: the atmosphere of the country should be Hosseini from the first day of Muharram.

Hassan Rouhani said in a cabinet meeting on Wednesday morning: "Once again we are on the eve of the blessed and life-giving month of Muharram. We receive the cultural blessings, trust, and strength of our resistance from the month of Muharram, and always in the month of Muharram, we open the windows of our souls and hearts to the shining sun of guidance and salvation, the Ashura culture, to receive both the light of guidance and the life-giving warmth of that sun.

US officials begging to pressure Iran, but still failed

President Rouhani added: "The people of Iran witnessed well these days, and on August 19, 1956, the enemy apparently achieved an apparent success that year, but inwardly their path was wrong, but these days, on August 15, 2020, they did not seem to succeed either and they failed in the Security Council".

"They prepared all this, they sent people and they were begging in different countries and they called, even on the day of the voting, they were constantly pressuring other countries, but they still failed," Rouhani said.

The President said: "I thank the 11 countries that did not vote in the UN Security Council on the plan to extend the arms embargo on Iran, and the two friendly countries - Russia and China - that voted unequivocally against the United States."

US failure against Iran is unprecedented in UN history 

He stated that the US is left alone, the Iranian nation must see this greatness because this victory belongs to the nation and the government is the representative and servant of the people and this event is unprecedented in the history of the United Nations.

President Rouhani said: "In 2018, the President of the United States himself came to the Security Council and invited the leaders of all 14 countries to vote against the JCPOA, all of these countries spoke against him, and Trump himself was present at the meeting and everyone spoke against him; There was not a single country in the council that spoke in his favor, and this was the disgraceful defeat of the United States in 2018, and it was because of the Islamic Republic and the government."

US won't achieve its goals but has caused problems for our people

Rouhani added: "If the day the United States announced its withdrawal from the JCPOA, we would have left the JCPOA the day after, it would not have cost the United States anymore, and all Security Council and UN resolutions against Iran would have come back and they would have betrayed us at no cost. We imposed this cost on them, we stood up and acted prudently, and in October of the same year that the Security Council convened, everyone spoke out against the US.

"The United States has come out of every useful treaty and agreement," the president said, noting that why do we not see the enemy and the stupidity of the enemy? Sometimes strange things happen in some circles and we are surprised.

The head of the government, stating that strengthening the Islamic Republic is in the interest of all of us, said: Of course, in these special circumstances, we understand and know that the enemy has not achieved and will not achieve its goals with its pressures, but has caused problems and harassed people.

Sanctions not permanent; White House fully aware of its mistake

President Rouhani pointed out: We must stand against the enemy because this period is coming to an end. If anyone in Iran thinks that this regime of the White House and that these oppressive sanctions are permanent, they are both wrong. Both the tyranny of the White House will not last forever and the sanctions will not last forever and the sanctions will break and disappear.

"We have resisted for a year or two and we will, and we have made it clear to them that they have made a mistake, and they have fully understood this," the president said and stressed that the White House is fully aware of its mistake, but they have taken a path in which they are now helpless, and it is now very difficult for them to find a way out.


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