The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in France said that the increasing efforts of the United States in the coming days and weeks, in the fight against multilateralism and international standards, are doomed to failure more than ever.

Iran PressEurope: Bahram Ghasemi, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to France, reacted on Tuesday to the failure of the US regime to remain alone in extending the UN Security Council resolution on Iran's arms embargo. He stated in his tweet: "The United States, a permanent member of the Security Council and claiming to be the leader of the world, has suffered a historic disgrace, scandal and defeat."

Ghasemi, referring to the gathering of votes of opponents and supporters in the Security Council regarding the proposed US resolution against Iran, pointed out that multilateralism is the only elixir that can put the current disabled, sick world in a superior orbit, in lasting peace and security, along with economic development and justice.

The proposed US resolution to extend Iran's arms embargo failed to cross the UN Security Council barrier and registered another setback in US Diplomacy.

The resolution was formally opposed by the UN Security Council with 11 abstentions, two in favor (the US and the Dominican Republic), and two against.


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