Rouhani: Recent UNSC meeting, great political, historical victory for Iran

Tehran (IP)- Referring to the government's measures in the political sector, Iran's president stated that there is no such issue in the history of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) that during two important meetings, 14 countries all oppose to a member, namely the US at the time of his own trip to New York and at the time when the US President Donald Trump himself was chairing the meeting at the UNSC two years ago.

Iran PressIran News: "The meeting was broadcast live," Rouhani said, adding: "Of course, I do not know whether all or part of the meeting was broadcast in Iran or not, but it was broadcast live there."

Rouhani stressed: "Once again when the United States wanted to pass a resolution against Iran on Friday, you witnessed that out of these 15 members, only one country, the Dominican Republic, agreed and supported it. This is a great political and historical success for us."

"We have condemned the United States twice in the Hague Tribunal in the past year," he said, adding: "Is there a record in the history that the international court has condemned this country twice in one year, in our lawsuit with the United States? All this is a fact."

He highlighted: "To explain the facts to the people is my request and to know that peace, cheerfulness, and hope are very important for the people. I urge that we are able to put these three things together, and give people hope and peace so that they can be serene and calm."

Emphasizing that despite the sanctions, coronavirus pandemic and other problems, the production surge expected by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has been met, the president added: "To date, this production surge has been achieved and we have shown the people that a great job has been done on a weekly basis."

Rouhani stated that in the current situation, the enemy's morale must be broken, adding: "There is no other way for us. It is a victory that in these two years and a couple of months, we have been able to stand against the cruel US sanctions and provide the necessary services to the people. That we did not allow America to succeed is a victory. That we did not allow queues to buy food in stores and did not allow water, electricity, gas, education, health care, and medicine to be cut off is all a victory."


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