Tehran (IP) – Islamic Human Rights Day commemoration ceremony was held on Tuesday attended by human rights activists.

Iran Press/Iran News: An Iranian human rights activist Mohammad Vahedi said racism in the US is a clear exam of human rights violation and what is going on in the country against the protesters is part of the real face of the US. 

Head of Solh-e-Ziba (Beautiful Peace) Institute, an Iranian human rights NGO, Vahedi, said that human rights is one of the most important issues in the last decades and has been abused as a pressure tool by some countries.

Changes in human rights left a deep effect on relations among countries Vahedi noted and added the only way of getting out of the present condition is by forming various assemblies of human rights. 

A political activist of Iraqi Popular Mobilization Unit (PMU) Forces, Abdulkarim al-Heytham, said in the last decades his country has witnessed numerous cases of human rights violations including the use of chemical bombs, execution, and detention; cases that the whole world has protested against it.

"The US' occupation of Iraq had nothing except robbery and ruin for the country," he added.

Still, the former head of the office of Interest Section of Iran in Egypt Mojtaba Amani referred to the US presence in the region and called it a barrier for the empowerment of Muslim nations.   

Amani also referred to the Declaration of Islamic Human Rights which was ratified on Iran's proposal in 32 articles stressing women's rights as one its parts.


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