The US President once again threatened to use force against protesters in Portland as calling them, terrorists.

Iran PressAmerica: A day after US President Donald Trump described Portland as a "terrorist nest" and implicitly described protesters as "terrorists", he once again threatened them to use extreme force in order to make them leave the streets. 

Accordingly, Trump threatened: "If the streets of Portland are not evacuated, we will use very powerful tools to do so."

Trump, who apparently hinted at the possibility of sending US National Guard troops to Portland, saying: "We have no choice because left-wing extremists run riots in the streets of different cities."

US officials also stressed that tensions in various US cities, including Portland, have not ruled out sending National Guard troops to control the violence, and that this option is still being considered.

The US Federal troops recently arrived in Oregon at the behest of the central government to protect government buildings and the crackdown on anti-racist protests in Portland.

Many American cities have been the scene of protests since May 25, following the racist assassination of a black man named George Floyd.

US President Donald Trump has repeatedly branded anti-racism protesters in the country as "terrorists," and his promise to "surge" his paramilitary-style units from Portland to other Democrat-run cities in the coming weeks shows he is willing to employ the repressive tactics used by autocrats to vilify those who challenge them.


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