Tehran (IP)- Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Diplomacy Gholamreza Ansari recommended to wait for details of the Iran-China agreement.

Iran PressIran News: Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Economic Diplomacy Gholamreza Ansari, on Friday about the latest news regarding the negotiations between Iran and China for the implementation of the document on long-term strategic cooperation, said: "It takes a long time for a document to be implemented and the document may be finalized several times, but again more or fewer changes are made; We hope that the document on Iran-China cooperation will reach its final stage as soon as possible and be ready for executive talks."

Referring to the issue of traveling between Iran and China, he added that traveling from Iran to China and vice versa, especially official trips, is stopped now; so as soon as we can resume our trips, we can start our negotiations with Chinese officials.

"The only thing we can do about the agreement between Iran and China is to wait," Ansari said. "We have to wait for the negotiations to start, and the content of the negotiations and agreements to be clarified, then we can say how these documents should be published."

Asked if we would have long-term cooperation with other countries, including Russia and India, he said, "With countries such as Russia and India, as soon as relations mature, we will enter the planning stage for long-term cooperation, which today begins with China."


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