The inhuman and barbaric behavior of the Zionist security forces with a protester in squeezing knee on his neck provoked the anger of the Zionists.

Iran PressMiddle East: Published images of the inhuman treatment with a protester by the zionist security forces in the occupied territories and its circulation in cyberspace have angered the Zionists.

This picture was taken during the Zionist protests against the inefficiency of the Zionist regime's cabinet in dealing with the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

While one protester was expressing his views he was attacked by the security forces and an Israeli security force put his knee on the protestor's neck.

The move by the Zionist security forces is reminiscent of the brutal action of the US police against George Floyd and has provoked public outrage from the residents of the occupied territories.

Following the assassination of Floyd on May 25, 2020, by racist police in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, nationwide protests began in the United States and around the world to condemn the racist behavior of the American police and the protests continue.


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