Specialists from Iran, France and Spain sit for webinar on COVID-19

The scientists of the universities of medical sciences of Iran, Spain, and France exchanged last updates and scientific achievements on COVID-19 Pandemic through a webinar hosted by Shiraz University.

Iran Press/Iran News: The symposium which was held on Sunday was aimed at exchanging experiences of the specialists on Radiology, intensive care, internists, and the neuroscientists from Iran, Spain, and France.

In this webinar, the latest diagnostic and therapeutic achievements of the 3 participating countries, related to COVID-19 disease in the field of imaging, CT scan and its status in the diagnosis, new findings in intensive care patients, and demographic information of patients were reviewed.

About 150 participants from Iranian, Spanish, and French universities of medical sciences attended the event virtually.

The number of people infected with the coronavirus in the world has reached more than 14 million and 470,000 people, of which about 605 thousand people lost their lives and 8 million and 650 thousand people have recovered and been discharged from hospitals.


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