President Rouhani call on media to change national life-style amid COVID-19 outbreak

Tehran (IP) - Iran's President on Thursday in a meeting of the heads of specialized committees of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus, called on the Iranian media to change the lifestyles of Iranian society amid coronavirus outbreak.

 Iran Press/Iran newsPresident Rouhani criticizing the lack of compliance with the relative distancing in public transport, said this is another factor in increasing the number of patients and asked Social Security committee officials to intensify monitoring and care in this regard.

Rouhani expressed his happiness over the observation of the health principles in business centers and environments said: The Advertising Committee should present a policy package and define specific tasks for culture building to change the lifestyle and new behavioral habits for citizens, taking the necessary persuasive and promotional measures.

Appreciating the effective role of the media in managing and controlling the disease, the President added: "From now on, in addition to the warnings and recommendations given to contain the virus, effective and convincing activities must be carried out to change the lifestyle and the Advertising Committee is obliged to take effective measures through the media, including providing the necessary training in this regard.

"According to the report provided by the Social-Security Committee and detailed studies, it was decided to apply new restrictions in areas with the alarm or red status in a completely intelligent manner.", Rouhani emphasized.

The President emphasized: "Honorable people of Iran should be aware that due to the experiences gained in recent months, the restrictions are not going to be general and the application of new restrictions is in accordance with the identified environments and based on effective methods."

"And it is based on effective methods in increasing the incidence and prevalence of the disease, according to which the governors will be given the necessary authority for the red cities of the given province.', Rouhani continued.

The President warned: "Failure to follow the health instructions and increase the number of patients will cause the country's medical staff to suffer from work and physical and mental exhaustion, and it will seriously damage the motivation of those who have worked with self-sacrifice and sacrifice."

"We should not let that happen.', stressed Rouhani.

Emphasizing that all government agencies and environments in which government employees work should be at the forefront of following guidelines, the president said: "All ministries are required to submit a comprehensive plan for adaptation to the Social Security Committee. So that they would be reviewed and approved by the National task force for fighting COVID-19.


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