Iraq will not let outlaws threaten stability: Mustafa Al Kazemi

Iraq will not allow “outlaws” to threaten security and stability, Prime Minister Mustafa Al Kazemi said on Thursday, following several rocket attacks on the capital.

Iran Press/Middle East: “The rockets that targeted an area near the Unknown Soldier Monument in Baghdad threaten our stability and our future,” Mr. Al Kazemi said in a statement.

Rockets hit Baghdad's Green Zone, home to the US embassy, early on Thursday – the fifth such attack in 10 days.

Like previous attacks, there was no claim of responsibility.

“I will not allow outlaws to hold Iraq hostage in order to cause chaos and find pretexts to perpetuate their interests,” he said.

There were at least three explosions, followed by the sound of sirens in the Green Zone.

There were no immediate reports of casualties or damage.

The prime minister said his government will “protect the Iraqi people, and uphold the dignity of the homeland and of our citizens.”

Al Kazemi, who is newly appointed, faces an array of challenges. The most immediate problems are the coronavirus pandemic and the collapse in oil revenues.

It was the second rocket attack near the US embassy since June 8. Other attacks have targeted Baghdad airport, where US troops are stationed, and a base north of the capital.

The attack came just days after Washington and Baghdad launched strategic talks in which the US pledged to reduce the size of its forces in Iraq and confirmed that it does not seek a permanent military presence in the country.


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