IP - South Korea's foreign ministry in a statement calls for the development of bilateral relations with Tehran.

Iran PressAsia, "Our government, expects our bilateral relations to further develop on the occasion of the transfer of the frozen funds," said South Korea's foreign ministry after confirming on Tuesday that Iranian funds that had been frozen in South Korea have been "successfully" transferred to a third country.

On Monday, a U.S.-bound plane carrying five Americans freed by Iran left Doha as part of a prisoner swap.

Nasser Kanaani told reporters in his press conference on Monday, September 18, that the 5 American citizens will be handed over to the US as they asked the Iranian government.

As with the Iranian detainees, Kanaani said out of the 5 Iranian citizens imprisoned in the US, two will return to Iran as they want to do so, one will be transferred to another country where his family is settled, and finally, the two other remained will stay in the US to live there.  

"Yesterday, an official letter was received from the Qatari authorities, according to which the accounts of Iranian banks in Qatar were activated, and today [Monday] €5,576,492,000 billion have been deposited into the accounts of 6 Iranian banks at Al-Ahli and Al-Dukhan banks," The Head of the Central Bank of Iran said. 


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