Climate activists in Berlin, Germany used orange and yellow paint on Sunday to spray the columns of the Brandenburg Gate, demanding all use of fossil fuels come to a halt by 2030.

Iran PressEurope: Members of a group called Last Generation used fire extinguishers filled with paint to spray all six columns of the popular landmark in Germany’s capital.

The 18th century landmark was painted by members of Letzte Generation (Last Generation), though Berlin Police made efforts to stop the protestors from doing further damage.

The group’s priorities include getting Germany to stop using all fossil fuels by 2030 and take short-term measures, including imposing a general speed limit of 100 kilometers per hour (62 mph) on highways, to cut emissions more quickly.

“The protest makes it clear: It is time for a political change,” the group said in a statement. “Away from fossil fuels towards fairness.” 219