Iran, Belarus discuss affairs of students

Minsk (IP) - Iranian ambassador to Belarus discussed Iranian students' issues with the president of Belarus Medical University.

Iran PressEurope: Nearly 800 Iranian students are studying at Belarus' universities, mainly in medical courses.

After Corona's outbreak, the situation of Iranian students living in Belarus has become more complicated, with officials trying to solve these problems.

Reminding Coronavirus outbreak, Saeed Yari, Iranian ambassador to Belarus in a phone conversation with Anatoly Sikorski, head of Belarus Medical State University discussed the online final exam and other related issues.

Highlighting to hold students' exams in all fields and courses, the President of the Belarusian State Medical University also said all measurements to safeguard students' health has been taken and there is no need to worry. 

Sikorski added the efforts have been made to speed up the process of students' graduation certificates due time. 207

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