Iran Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif

Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that the crisis of legitimacy is the biggest challenge of the Zionist regime of Israel.

Iran Press/Iran news: Speaking to the Islamic Radios and Televisions Union on Wednesday, on the eve of International Quds Day, Zarif said: "The issue of Palestine is the central issue of the Islamic world and the Islamic Republic of Iran, due to its strong concern for the Islamic world, it also supports the legitimate demands of the Palestinian people."

"The issue of Palestine is a central issue for the Islamic world. Although some Arab countries, both with and after the Camp David Accords, and unfortunately, with recent policies pursued by regimes such as the Saudi regime, have fully aligned themselves with Israeli regime against the Palestinian cause, the issue of Palestine is not something that can be forgotten by these methods," Zarif added.

Iran's Foreign Minister went on to say, "The policies of the Zionist regime are not policies that are actually limited to a small area. You see that even in the United States, the interests of the Zionist regime often outweigh the national interests of the United States. In fact, the interests of the Israelis are driving American politics. The same is true in Europe; So this is a global problem."

The top Iranian diplomat said, "On the other hand, the weapons of mass destruction of the Israeli regime are not a local issue. This is both regional and global. The biggest threat in our region stems from the weapons of the Zionist regime and the occupation policy of the regime. In fact, many Western countries today are hostages of the Zionist regime, and because of this, they cannot even pursue policies that are in the national interest of the people. So the issue of Zionism and the dangers that Zionism has to world politics is an issue that is being raised all over the world, and many in Europe and the United States are openly declaring that their policies are hostage to the Zionist regime and its lobbies like AIPAC in the United States."

Regarding the duty and role of international organizations towards the Palestinian people, Zarif said, "Unfortunately, the UN Security Council is captive to the United States and its right to veto." Despite this fact, there are dozens of Security Council resolutions, hundreds of General Assembly resolutions, and perhaps more, resolutions of the Human Rights Commission and the Human Rights Council, and in fact various international meetings on the Zionist regime's various crimes, from human rights to aggression."

Iran's Foreign Minister stressed, "The main cause of the crises in the West Asian region has been either the Zionist regime itself, such as the numerous wars that have taken place, or the interests of the Zionist regime and its policies."