Palestine to cancel agreements with Tel Aviv, Washington if West Bank annexed: Abbas

The head of the Palestinian Authority warned that in case the Israeli regime annexes any part of the West Bank to its occupied territories, all the agreements of Palestine with the Israeli regime and the US will be canceled.

Iran PressMiddle East: In the meeting of the executive committee of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) on Thursday, Mahmoud Abbas stressed that the Palestinian nation neither accepts the Israeli regime’s occupation and crimes nor denies its own legal rights.

The PLO executive committee stressed the Palestinians’ will in the national fight against the occupation. 

Noting that the annexation project is supported by the US, the committee condemned the project and stressed that if Israeli annexes parts of the West Bank to the occupied territories, all of the security, economic, and political agreements with the Israeli occupiers will be canceled.

The Israeli officials reached an agreement to annex parts of the West Bank to the occupied territories in July. The US ambassador to the Israeli regime backed the agreement and said that the US is ready to recognize the annexation in the next few weeks.


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