Tehran (IP)- In a phone conversation, the Presidents of Iran and China expressed sympathy and solidarity between the nations and governments wishing to extend bilateral relations emphasizing the hope of a world without sanctions.

Iran PressIran News: In the conversation, the two sides described the relations between Iran and China strategic and special, and described the comprehensive trade relations between the two countries promising, calling for further development of relations by implementing bilateral agreements and joint infrastructure projects.

The Presidents of Iran and China called for greater cooperation between the two sides within the framework of the multilateral Silk Road project and stressed the need for conducting joint projects within the framework of this project in West Asia.

"Today, the world is in a situation where everyone needs each other's help, not for some countries to continue illegal and inhumane sanctions. I hope that with the attempts of countries like China in countering these sanctions, we will see a world without sanctions," said Rouhani, appreciating the Chinese government's stances against the United States' unjust, illegal sanctions.

Referring to US interventionist behavior in the region, Rouhani described such measures as something that undermines security, peace, and stability in the region, saying, "For Iran, the security of the region and waterways is important, but unfortunately, the dangerous behavior of the United States may disrupt the stability of the Persian Gulf region".

At the same phone call, the President of China denounced the US' behavior in continuing sanctions and insisting on maximum pressure on Iran, and said, "Unfortunately, some countries are seeking political exploitation of these conditions, and China is ready to implement international regulations".

Appreciating Iran's assistance and support during the outbreak of coronavirus in China, Xi Jinping said China was ready to continue to help Iran control coronavirus, adding, "The decreasing trend of COVID-19 patients and deaths and the increase in treated cases in Iran indicates that the treatment plans adopted were positive and accurate".

Referring to Iran's initiative called 'Hormuz Peace Endeavour (HOPE)', the Chinese President praised the initiative as beneficial for the security of the region and described the security of the Persian Gulf essential for world peace and stability.


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