Tehran (IP) - Iran's Deputy Health Minister for Treatment Affairs said that the country is going to launch Telemedicine to protect the Iranian citizens' lives.

Iran PressIran News: Qasem Janbabaei said at a press conference via video conferencing held at Health Ministry on Thursday that in order to provide the Iranian society with the safety and the security at the time when it is fighting against the novel Coronavirus, Iran's Telemedicine is going to be operationalized.

Iran's top Health official also went on to highlight that Iran is one of the few countries that have good infrastructure to fight infectious diseases since it has established 117 laboratories in the country to serve and offer services to those infected and diagnosed with COVID-19.

Expressing hope that these days shall pass and the Iranian nation will contain the COVID-19, Janbabaie said that as more people get ready to start over their normal social lives, some hospitals and medical clinics must be ready to hospitalize and admit non-Coronavirus patients based on hygienic protocols.

"The clinics and hospitals are going be reopened for critical and severe cases such as, cardiovascular, cancerous diseases or diabetes who are in need of consecutive and permanent doctor visiting while observing the hygienic protocols and rules and social distancing. The move is also aimed at lessening the waiting queues there," he added.

Calling the dentistry as one of the dangerous sectors during COVID-19 outbreak due to being in touch with the patients' saliva, mouth, and sputum of the patients, he said the dentists must just visit severe cases and emergencies.

He also went on to highlight that the surgeries and operations will be done as long as the patients' lives are under threat, which will be done under ordered hygienic protocols.

"We ask and urge elders and those with pre-existing health conditions to stay at home and take care of themselves," the official concluded.

Telemedicine is the remote diagnosis and treatment of patients by means of telecommunications technology.


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