Iran and Syria to establish joint industrial, trade free zones

Tehran (IP) - The Secretary of Supreme Council of Iran’s Trade, Industrial, and Economic Free Zones and Syria’s envoy to Tehran discussed establishing joint industrial and trade free zones as well as increasing investments in trades via two countries privates sectors.

Iran Press/Iran News: In the meeting held on Tuesday, Morteza Bank stressed the readiness of the Iranian private companies to cooperate with Syria in free zones and use the existing potentials for developing bilateral cooperation.

The Syrian side Adnan Mahmoud for his part also stressed the functioning of the two countries’ private sectors including trade and industrial companies for benefiting the investment opportunities in the free zones.

He said economic participation in the area is beneficial for the two countries and can strengthen Iran and Syria’s economy to resist sanctions and economic war.

The Syrian envoy to Tehran described the US illegal sanctions against Iran and Syria as a crime against humanity and said the sanctions create obstacles for them to supply the needed items to fight against coronavirus which is a threat to humankind.


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