Iraqi parliamentarian Burhan al-Mamouri

Baghdad (IP)- An Iraqi lawmaker said a vote of confidence to Prime Minister-designate Adnan al-Zurufi's cabinet is unlikely due to opposition from most influential political groups.

Iran PressMiddle East: Iraqi parliamentarian Burhan al-Ma'mouri told Al-Ma'alumah news website: Al-Zurufi is faced with protests from groups such as the Fatah Coalition, the Rule of Law and the Wisdom Movement, and these forces are influential inside the parliament.

He noted that the cabinet may not get the vote of confidence because of the current opposition in parliament.

Meanwhile, Al-Ma'mouri said al-Zurufi has no plans to step down and would try to form a cabinet.

Despite opposition from major Shia factions in the Iraqi parliament, Al-Zurufi presented his government's plan to the speaker of parliament on Saturday.

The Al-Zurufi government's program, a copy of which was published in the Iraqi media yesterday, focuses on curbing the Coronavirus, preparing the 2020 budget and providing the necessary conditions for early elections in the country.

Organizing the armed forces and the support of Al-Hashd al-Sha'abi and the Peshmerga forces as the official Iraqi forces are among the other plans of the Al-Zurufi's government.

He emphasized the need for the government's monopoly on weapons and ending the carrying of weapons in public and to address the demands of the demonstrators, while he offered no elaboration on the details of the implementation of these programs.

The Iraqi prime minister-designate, regarding foreign relations, called for a balanced relationship with all neighboring countries in the region and the world and said he tries to make Iraq a place for ties, not conflicts.

Al-Zurufi was ordered to form a transitional government by Iraqi President Barham Salih on March 18, 2020. He has 30 days to nominate his cabinet for a vote of confidence in parliament.


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