Iran expresses concern over afghan developments

Tehran(IP): Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement released on Sunday expressed Iran's concerns over recent developments in Afghanistan saying that Tehran is watching closely Afghanistan's latest political challenges.

Iran PressIran News: The Islamic Republic of Iran is closely following Afghanistan's political and security developments and is concerned about the unpredictable consequences of the disagreement over the results of the Afghan presidential election on its internal stability and regional impacts. 

The Islamic Republic of Iran considers the existing situation as a consequence of the US government's defiance toward the problems in Afghan elections, especially difficulties in the Afghan 2014 presidential election.

Prioritizing the US President’s propagandistic needs in the upcoming November 2020 election and its irresponsible rush to advance talks while disregarding regional interests and security has led to incuriosity toward domestic issues, the status quo can be called one of its byproducts.

Unfortunately, After the ongoing disagreements between Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah, we see the unilateral policies of the US government continue to sacrifice the national interests of the Afghan people to meet the US President's propagandistic goals. These policies aim to push deepening the crisis and as well as rising political tensions in the Asian country. 

The Islamic Republic of Iran now invites Afghan political leaders, as well as regional countries, to use all their capacities to find a way out of the disagreements between Ghani and Abdullah, which is related to the results of the recent presidential election in Afghanistan.

The Islamic Republic of Iran would like to see the establishment of an inclusive government with the participation of all factions and political groups in Afghanistan including the Taliban as soon as possible to pave the ground for Intra- Afghan negotiations.

As before, The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready, to take an active part in regional efforts aimed at resolving problems in Afghanistan and to use its capacity to provide peace and stability in Afghanistan and the region.


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