A member of the Iraqi Parliament said the majority fraction filed a lawsuit against President Barham Salih over choosing Adnan al-Zarfi as Iraq’s Prime Minister.

Iran Press/Asia: Hassan Salim, a member of Fath Coalition led by Hadi al-Ameri, said on Friday that it is not the first time the Iraqi President violates the constitution and disregards the majority fraction."The majority fraction introduced more than one candidate to form the cabinet, but the president disregarded them," he continued.

A member of Badr Faction Karim Aliwi on Friday called on the Iraqi Parliament to collect signatures and vote over the dismissal of President Salih.

Allawi said the president has time and time again violated the constitution and threatened the peace in the country by nominating a controversial person who is not trusted by the Iraqi society.

The Iraqi MP stressed, “Barham Salih must be dismissed of the presidency, so we will take a real national stance in the parliament in this regard.”

The leaders of Iraqi Shia factions including Hadi al-Ameri, Ammar al-Hakim, Nouri al-Maleki, Fali al-Fayadh as well as the representatives of Sadiqoon faction, after hours of discussion, decided to not accept al-Zarfi's mission to form a new cabinet.

Adnan al-Zurufi, a member of the al-Nasr faction, led by Haider al-Abadi (former prime minister), is a controversial Iraqi figure, who has been missioned by the president to form a transitional government.


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