Iran cririsizes Special Rapporteur over US violation of Iranian people\\\'s rights

Tehran (IP) - In a statement on a recent report by Special Rapporteur on Iran to the Human Rights Council, the Iranian Judiciary High Council for Human Rights, slammed the silence of the Special Rapporteur on the violation of Iranian nation's rights by the United States.

Iran PressIran news: The statement noted: "A review of the process of appointing the Special Rapporteur and his work over the past year reflects the fact that political decision of the few powers, which basically are the record holder of the violation of human rights worldwide, has led to the creation of a special mission for the human rights situation in Iran."

"It is noteworthy that the government proposing the Special Rapporteur, who had an effective role in sanctions on Iran's medicines and medical devices, is the main culprit in the killing of innocent children with butterfly disease in Iran," the statement says.

it added: "Expert review of this year's Special Rapporteur's report indicates that he has been on a mission to substantiate a predetermined result and has therefore only sought to gather justifications to substantiate allegations that are false, unrealistic, and at least inaccurate, so his information sources mostly have been groups and individuals who have had a history of crimes against the Iranian people or a thick case of violations of the Iranian people's rights and a black record of working with enemies of the Iranian nation, including the US regime." 207

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