Tehran (IP) - Ali Rabiei, government spokesman said that Health Ministry will distribute Mask and medical equipment needed for controlling Coronavirus as much as needed for the public.

Iran PressIran news: Iran government spokesman said that 12 people who infected Coronavirus died in the country and up to 61 people have been diagnosed with Coronavirus.

Ali Rabiei, government spokesman at the start of his weekly press conference on Monday said that today's agenda is about Coronavirus and Parliament Elections.

Iran government spokesman congratulates elected MPs and people for their participation and said: "I thank people for their turnout despite special conditions of the country. We believe that people and the government must act based upon the country's and people's benefits and interests.

Rabiei said Coronavirus is not just allocated to Iran and is an international matter. It is both health and social matter and knows no boundaries. it knows no men or women, poor or rich. I ask all not to make it political.

Iranian Government Spokesman Ali Rabiei stated, "We are in a situation where we must all fight together against the Coronavirus. I call on all parties, groups and the media to avoid politicizing this issue. We urge people to integrate with the Iranian health system more than any other period in their daily lives. The breakout of the disease is a global problem".

He added: Today we see unfortunately some make the black market for medical equipment when we must be more united than ever. People must cooperate with the Health ministry.

Rabie said that the Health Minister will distribute Masks and medical equipment as much as needed to the public.

Iran government spokesman said that 12 people infected with Coronavirus died in the country and up to 61 people have been diagnosed with Coronavirus.

Ali Rabiei further stated, "Coronavirus is a disease being tackled around the world and everyone is trying to control it. Our health capacity can control it, too. The overwhelming fear of Coronavirus affects the safety of our society. We know that many countries have not been as transparent as us about Coronavirus. We have been transparent in this regard."


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