Tehran (IP)- In a meeting with the Austrian Foreign Minister, Iran's Parliament Speaker stated that the EU has only been talking about the nuclear deal for a year and did nothing in practice.

Iran PressIran news: Iran's Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani in the meeting with Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg on Sunday evening 23 February, noted that Austria had good cooperation with Iran in the nuclear negotiations and hoped that his trip to Tehran would help expand relations.

He pointed to the latest developments in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and criticized the position of the European countries and added, the JCPOA situation shows that Europe has been talking for a year only and Iran's economic interests in the nuclear deal have not been met.

Remarking that if there were not the martyred Lietenaten General Soleimani's sacrifices, the ISIS crisis in the region would have been much wider, Larijani added.

Remarking that if there were not the martyred Soleimani's sacrifices, the ISIS crisis in the region would have been much wider, he added: " When we were in the middle of fighting against ISIS the US president Donald Trump was involved in echoing their own slogans and you know who created ISIS," Iran's parliament Speaker noted.

Criticizing the inefficiency of the European financial trading mechanism, INSTEX, Larijani said: "This financial channel is useless".

In his part, Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg expressed his satisfaction with the visit to Iran, describing the country as a beautiful and civilized country, saying, "All efforts must be made to maintain the JCPOA, and we must take steps beyond that."

Schallenberg continued, "Given the deep Austrian-European relations with Iran, we can work together to build confidence at the regional level." Referring to Iran's president's initiative called the 'Hormuz Peace Initiative' he added: "This is a positive step forward".

The Austrian Foreign Minister emphasized the need for economic, cultural, environmental, water and sewage cooperation and crisis management between the two countries.

Schallenberg described the US withdrawal of the JCPOA as unbelievable and stated, " Europeans' trips to Iran signify a shift in their thinking, and we strive to start a wide-ranging relationship with Iran and to preserve the deal".


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