Iran ready to resolve Syrian-Turkish disputes over Idlib: Envoy

Iran's permanent envoy to the UN said his country, as one of the guarantors of the Astana negotiations, is ready to help resolve the current Syrian-Turkish disputes over the situation in Idlib province.

Iran Press/America: The UN Security Council meeting over the situation in Idlib province, northern Syria, Thursday 6 February was held, and Iran's permanent envoy Majid Takht-Ravanchi in that meeting described the situation sever and stressed that the crisis must be contained and not to get out of control.

The Iranian diplomat emphasized the continuation of the fight against terrorists in Idlib province and said that this action should be taken with the utmost protection of the Syrian civilians.

He described the upcoming Astana talks summit that would be held in Tehran in the near future as a good opportunity for a comprehensive review of the situation in Syria and added that terrorists must not be allowed to consolidate their position in Idlib and make the province a safe haven for themselves, killing more civilians and keeping many of them hostage still.

Takht-Ravanchi asserted that the international community must be vigilant in order not to protect terrorists in place of civilians. 

The Iranian envoy to the UN stressed that the current situation in Idlib will only be resolved politically, and full respect for the sovereignty, territorial integrity, unity and political independence of Syria is essential.

The situation in Syria's Idlib province, which is the latest terrorist stronghold in the country, has become tense in recent days due to the illegal presence of Turkish troops in the province.

In the UN Security Council meeting, the Russian permanent envoy to the UN Vasily Nebenzya also asserted that the right is preserved for Syria to fight terrorists in Idlib. 


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