Saudi ambassadors summoned by Denmark, Netherlands over espionage activities

The Danish and Dutch governments have summoned the Saudi ambassadors to Copenhagen and Stockholm, respectively, in order to express their official protest after arresting and charging four terrorists spying for Saudi Arabia.

Iran Press/Europe: The Danish security service has arrested and accused three people over spying for Saudi Arabia. 

“It is the view of Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) that the three people, in the period from 2012 to 2018, have been spying for a Saudi Arabian intelligence service,” PET chief Finn Borch Andersen told reporters.

According to Reuters, the Danish Security Service stated that the three elements were collecting information about individuals in Denmark and abroad, and were sending it to a Saudi intelligence service. it is said they are affiliated to a terrorist outfit Ahwaziyeh

The three, whose identities have not been revealed, live in Denmark and have been under surveillance for several months.

The Danish police has accused the three of supporting a terrorist attack in Ahvaz, Iran in September 2018, which killed 25 people including a four-year-old child.

The Danish foreign minister, on his Twitter account, confirmed that the Saudi ambassador to Copenhagen had been summoned.

Jeppe Kofod called the case "deeply serious and completely unacceptable.

Kofod said he had summoned the Saudi ambassador for talks earlier Monday, and instructed the Danish ambassador in Riyadh to deliver his objections to Saudi authorities. 

Dutch Foreign Minister Steve Block also summoned the Saudi ambassador to his country on suspicion of an Ahwaziyeh terrorist element's link to Saudi Arabia.

During the military parade in Ahvaz on September 22, 2018, which was staged concurrently with nationwide military parades to mark the Sacred Defense Week, Takfiri militants wearing disguise opened fire at the people participating in the ceremony in which 25 people have been killed and 60 other people have been injured. 


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