The Algerian people held a rally on Friday in support of the Palestinian nation and condemned the US-Israeli plot of 'Deal of the Century'.

Iran Press/Africa: Thousands of Algerians in the capital and other cities protested against the US and Israeli regimes' plots to get dominance over the Palestinian territories under the pretext of peace.

The protesters declared their support for Palestine's people and stressed that the rights of the Palestinian nation are undeniable, Iran Press reported. 

The Algerian government also had earlier opposed the shameful deal and condemned the US plan.

Many countries, personalities, political and religious officials around the world, especially Muslims, have condemned the plan.

US President Donald Trump along with the Israeli regime's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attended the White House on Tuesday and announced its so-called plan of 'Deal of the Century'.

He declared that the city of al-Quds would remain the monolithic capital of the Zionist regime.

Recognizing the city of al-Quds as the Israeli capital, the annexation of 30 percent of the occupied West Bank to Israel, ignoring the Palestinian right of return and complete disarmament of Palestinian resistance groups are included in the Trump administration's so-called Middle East peace plan.  

The Israeli regime will also retain security control over the entire land of occupied Palestine. Trump's so-called 'Deal of the Century' also completely ignores the fundamental idea that Palestinians have the inalienable right to self-determination.

The plan that is against the provisions of UN Security Council Resolution No. 194.


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