Vladimir Putin: US sanctions over the Nord Stream 2 is not a friendly gesture and Moscow will definitely respond

Russia’s President said that US sanctions over the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline is not a friendly gesture and Russia will definitely respond to this action.

Iran Press/Europe: In his annual year-end news conference in Moscow on Thursday, Vladimir Putin emphasized that Russia will respond based on the "principle of reciprocity".

He said the US sanctions over the pipeline would affect bilateral relations between Moscow and Washington, Anadolu News Agency reported.

Earlier on Wednesday, Russia vowed to complete the construction of a major gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea, despite approval of sanctions by the US Senate, which has also angered European states led by Germany.

Putin also stressed Moscow's readiness to extend the "New Start" pact, warning that the security of the international community would be shaken if the pact was not renewed.

US and Russian officials have been consulting on "New Start" since early this year, but the White House is yet to give a clear and definitive answer to extend the treaty which will expire in about two years from now.

The US Congress on Tuesday approved a defense budget including sanctions on companies involved in Nord Stream 2 project. The Nord Stream project which is operational since 2011 with an annual capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of natural gas, brings Russian gas directly to Germany via the Baltic Sea.

The pipeline between Russia and Germany, a key part of Moscow's export strategy for state energy giant Gazprom, aims to deliver Russian gas to Europe via the Baltic Sea.

Earlier in late September, the German government's coordinator for trans-Atlantic relations said despite Donald Trump's denial, the US will slap sanctions on companies active in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project. 


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