Thousands of Israelis rallied in Tel Aviv to call on embattled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to step down.

Iran Press/Middle East: Thousands of demonstrators gathered at Habima Square in Tel Aviv on Saturday night, demanding that Benjamin Netanyahu step down on account of his recent indictment.

Netanyahu faces multiple corruption charges but says he has no plans to give up power.

The demonstration, under the slogan “Resign, the country is more important, was organized by the non-profit Movement for Quality Government.

Protesters carried signs saying: "We’re drowning in filth” [rhymes in Hebrew], shouting “Bibi go home."

Protesters at the rally, organized by the Movement for Quality Government in Israel, held banners describing Netanyahu as a "corrupt" leader and calling for a "strong Israel, strong democracy.

Netanyahu has denied wrongdoing and dismissed the charges against him as part of "an attempted coup.

The charges against him have thrown Israeli politics into turmoil and opened up divisions in the country. 


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