Iran and Netherlands boost cooperation

Iran and the Netherlands are considering cooperation in water and electricity sectors, especially in water management and flood control, the portal of Iran’s Energy Ministry reported.

Iran Press/Iran News: The issue was discussed during a meeting between the Iranian Deputy Minister of Energy for International Affairs Mohammad Ali Farahnakian and Jacques Werner, the Netherlands ambassador in Tehran, on Saturday.

In the meeting, Farahnakian pointed to the long history of positive cooperation between the two countries, saying "Iran's relations with the Netherlands are at a good level compared to other European countries. He further welcomed Dutch companies’ contribution to Iran’s water and power projects, Iran Press reported.

Jacques Werner, the Dutch ambassador to Tehran, also emphasized the interest of Dutch companies in cooperation with Iran in the field of water, especially flood management.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Warner mentioned the water, energy and food security nexus according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), stressing that considering the great capacities for cooperation in this regard, the two countries could benefit from further cooperation.

Referring to the Dutch government's decision to establish a circular economy network by 2050, Werner noted that this could be another area for cooperation between the two countries.


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