The Syrian foreign minister called for the immediate withdrawal of US and Turkish troops from his country, insisting that their presence on Syrian soil is illegal.

Iran Press/ America:  The Syrian foreign minister, Walid Al-Moalem in his address at the United Nations General Assembly on Saturday stated that Damascus views US and Turkish actions in Syria as "occupation".

The Syrian Foreign Minister also referred to the fight of its army and people with the terrorists and said that the history of the Syrian nation will record the confrontation with terrorism.

Walid Al-Moalem said Syria is fighting against terrorist groups such as ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, saying that tens of thousands of terrorists from more than 100 countries have been deployed with foreign support.

The Syrian Foreign Minister also referred to US sanctions against his country and Iran, saying that the sanctions are the only US weapon against independent states.

Walid Al-Moalem emphasized Syria's full support for Iran against US hostile actions and warned of tense US actions in the region. 

The Syrian Foreign Minister also pointed to the presence of foreign forces in the Persian Gulf region, saying that the security of the Persian Gulf is provided only by the regional countries, not by foreign interference.


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