Bandar Abbas (IP) -The Speaker of Iran's Majlis (parliament) has emphasised that US helped the Iraqi dictator Saddam because it was 'injured' by the Islamic Revolution.

Iran press/Iran news: Speaker of Parliament Ali Larijani who was speaking at armed forces parade in the port city of Bandar Abbas on the occasion of the 39th anniversary marking the eight year-Iraqi imposed war of the Sacred Defence Week, warned that United States which had been badly hurt by the Islamic Revolution of Iran decided to support the former Iraqi dictator Saddam by sending a special envoy to Baghdad and assuring Saddam of America's support in the war against the Islamic Republic. The United States of America helped the Iraqi dictator Saddam because it was 'injured' by the Islamic Revolution of Iran.

Speaker of Parliament Ali Larijani pointedly added: "Saddam's great mistake was that he thought he could win the war with America's backing."

In further remarks, Larijani stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran is a friend and brother of all regional countries whereas the Zionist regime is a major enemy of Muslims.

He said the Iranian Armed Forces have blinded and defeated Daesh terrorists in places such as Iraq and Syria.

Larijani added: "Our country's military forces, who have proven their worth in the sacred defence, have their places at the heart of the Iranian nation. We know that our main duty today is to defend the oppressed Palestinian nation."

Larijani  also praised the Iranian Armed Forces as 'experienced' and a national and regional asset, adding that they have powerfully established security in the country and the region.

He further emphasized that the formation of a coalition by the US to create so-called security in the Strait of Hormuz is “a new means for plundering the region”.

“The regional countries, themselves, are capable of establishing security and the Islamic Iran’s Armed Forces do not allow the Persian Gulf to be played with (as a tool) to create insecurity in the region,” the parliament speaker stated.

“We regard the emergence of such coalitions as the start of a new game to make the region insecure,” Larijani went on to say.

The Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran held nationwide parades on Sunday morning to mark the beginning of the Sacred Defense Week which coincides with the 39th anniversary of the invasion of the Iraqi army to southern oil-rich parts of Iran in 1980 by the former Ba'athist regime of Iraq. The war which ensued lasted for eight years.

A similar parade is underway in Tehran at the mausoleum of Founder of the late Imam Khomeini(RH), in southern Tehran.

A number of the senior Iranian officials and commanders are present in the ceremony including Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani, Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Bagheri, Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Hossein Salami, Commander of the Iranian Army Brigadier General Abdolrahim Mousavi, Iranian Police Chief Brigadier General Hossein Ashtari and other senior officials.


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