Iran's president Hassan Rouhani has said the US objective in Syria is to break up the country, and US interference in the internal affairs of Damascus is very dangerous, since Washington wants to disintegrate Syria, and that is not acceptable.

Iran Press/Asia: Speaking at a joint news conference with his Russian and Turkish counterparts in Ankara on Monday night, Hassan Rouhani said the United States has entered Syria without the invitation of the legitimate government of the country and pursues very dangerous goals, including helping terrorists.

Rouhani said the United States is thinking of breaking up Syria, and this is not acceptable to any country, including the three guarantors of the peace process in Syria, that is Iran, Russia, and Turkey.

President Rouhani emphasised that US has given part of Syrian territory, the Golan Heights, to an aggressor, and it is strange and unprecedented that a country grants a piece of an occupied country to an occupier without any lawful permission.

"This clearly illustrates US ill-intentions towards the Syrian people and the country," he said.

The President of Iran stressed that everyone should respect the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria.

Syrian refugees, Syria construction

President Rouhani emphasised the need to help returning Syrian refugees who are being repatriated to their country.

Rouhani stressed: "We must help rebuild Syria and help the dear Syrian people who are in great distress."

He added: "The constitutional committee is completed and we hope this constitutional reform takes place as soon as possible. I welcome the participation of the two governments of Iraq and Lebanon as new observers in the Astana Process, and I hope that we can host Russia and Turkey at the Sixth Summit."

Fight against terrorism must continue in Idlib

Rouhani added, "All three leaders of the three major countries in the region believe that the fight against terrorism must continue because Idlib is still in the hands of terrorists and unfortunately in recent months the presence of terrorists, including al-Nusra Front terrorists, has increased".

"How long should the Syrian people wait for terrorists to be destroyed and eliminated? Isn't nine years enough time? For the past nine years, the Syrian people have been suffering from the terrorists, and everyone knows who has been sponsoring them".

Rouhani emphasized, "There is a need to fight terrorists, including in Idlib and to help the Syrian government, and also on the issue of the eastern Euphrates and the American-controlled area near Euphrates river, where a group of terrorists is still in charge."

Aramco drone attack

Answering a question about the drone attack on Aramco and its impact on the global oil market, Rouhani said, "I think more about security and stability in the region than oil. This problem has its roots in the Yemeni invasion. We must ask those who invaded Yemen, and are bombing it daily, why they did it."

The president added, "They have destroyed Yemen and killed a large number of Yemenis, and the Yemeni people have to respond to many acts of aggression against their country, and weapons pouring in from US and Europe to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates."


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