Maximum Pressure by Trump administrator will not return Iran back to the negotiations : Shamkhani

Secretary of Iran Supreme National Security said the Iranian nation will not surrender under the US sanctions and the 'maximum pressure' imposed by Trump administrator will not return Iran back to the negotiations.

Iran Press/Iran News: Secretary of Iran Supreme National Security Ali Shamkhani in an interview with NBC News in Tehran on Monday called the US as the main reason for the crisis in the region and said: "During four passed decades all the US conspiracies have been failed by the popular support that the Iranian nation made of the Islamic republic."

"Just walk the streets of Tehran and see how energetic our people are and you will realize that [what the US has] been trying to achieve has not materialized," he mentioned, Iran Press reported.

He further cast doubt on the idea that US President Donald Trump actually seeks negotiations with Tehran.

"The 'maximum pressure' imposed by the Trump administrator on Iran will not return Iran back to the negotiation," Shamkhani continued.

"The sanctions campaign is not for negotiation, it's for making us surrender. As long as this approach is taken by the United States, Iran will never ever seek negotiations," he added.

Shamkhani asked: "We had a case of successful negotiations about the JCPOA. How come the United States departed from it?"

Mentioning Iran's efforts to combat terrorism in the region especially in Iraq and Syria, he said: "Despite all the American advertising against Iran, the main reason for stability in the region is Iran and Iran have had the most effective role in destruction of terrorist groups."

"In a case of war, the US will be in a very terrible situation and its regional allies as well," he warned.


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