The Iranian Minister of Roads and Urban Development began the discussion with his Russian and Azerbaijani counterparts in Sochi, with the expansion of trade ties as well as completion of North-South intercontinental rail corridor as his pivots of talks.

Iran Press/Iran NewsHighlighting the significance of the intercontinental corridor, Mohammad Eslami said that a railroad of over 7,200 km will significantly improve the existing trade between Iran, Russia, India and many other countries of the region.

Once completed, the corridor which links Helsinki in northern Finland to Mumbai, India in southeastern Asia, will connect Iran to Russia and to northern Europe, Iran Press reported.  

The North-West corridor will be operationalized through the completion of Rasht-Astara railway project as the last phase of the very corridor.

The plan to establish the international corridor was signed by Iran, India and Russia in 2000 to boost economic and trade ties and to assist cargo transportation between India and Europe via Iran. 203/211/215

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