People in The Hague held a protest against banning of 'Burqa' in the Netherlands.

Iran Press/Europe:  A protest against 'Burqa ban' which has come into effect in the Netherlands from Aug. 1, took place on Friday with the attending of around one hundred people.

Among the protesters, around 30 women wore a Niqab and carried placards with texts like "I am getting robbed of my freedom", "Hands off my Niqab", "We are the victims of symbolised politics" and "Human rights are being violated" during the silent protest, Iran Press reported citing Xinhua. 

No incidents were reported during the demonstration which took place at the Koekamp Park in The Hague. The protesters want the Dutch government to undo the law.

Non-Muslims were also present to show support to women.

Organizers of the protest say that the law violates freedom of movement, freedom of religion and self-determination of women.

The new Dutch law partially prohibits face-covering clothing. It means that people are no longer allowed to enter public spaces such as hospitals, government buildings, schools and public transport with face-covering clothing, such as a burqa, Niqab or balaclava. 101/207

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