Iran's Judiciary Chief has said Western countries claim to champion human rights, but they themselves are of the biggest violators of human rights.

Iran Press/Iran news: In a conference on the occasion of Islamic Human Rights and Human Dignity Day, held on Wednesday in IRIB Conference Centre, the Iranian Judiciary chief Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi said Western countries often trumpet human rights, but they are indifferent to it.

Raisi noted that the universal declaration of  Human Rights is a document based on which one day Iraq is announced by world powers as a place for defending human rights and at other times a country that violates human rights, Iran Press reported.

Raisi stressed: "The US and other hegemonic powers do much of their aggression and invasions throughout the world in the name of human rights, an issue which they interpret in however way they want, and however it suits them."


The Judiciary chief reiterated that all the world knows that Iran supports Palestine, and liberation of the occupied Palestinian lands, and an independent Palestinian state, saying there are no partisan interests involved at all in this support.

He noted that Islamic human rights and human dignity and human freedom and the right of every nation to independence will emerge victoriously.

Raisi talked of a war of wills; on the one side, a will to support human rights and human spiritual growth, and on the other side a will trying to stop the opposite side through arrogance and hegemony.

What we have learned from the Holy Quran, he said, is that a nation that relies on God will win the war; in this war, the priority belongs to the front of the Islamic Revolution, despite all conspiracies and violations of human rights. 104/211/215

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