Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman strongly denounced the recent terrorist attacks in Afghanistan.

Iran Press/ Iran news: Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi on Friday condemned two recent terrorist attacks on Kandahar police headquarters and the University of Kabul.

Mousavi described Friday attacks in Kabul as ' acts of aggression and inhumane methods' and sympathized with the Afghan government and nation, particularly the families of victims, Iran Press reported.

"The Afghan government and nation and all the country’s ethnic, political and religious groups will remain vigilant and unified to keep going in their path to peace and sustainable security," Mousavi reiterated.

powerful bomb explosions in Afghanistan's capital, Kabul left at least 6 people dead and 27 others injured.

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Another bomb attack on yesterday hit a police headquarters inAfghan city of Kandahar.

There are no casualties reported from yesterday's bomb attack.

After 18 years, the US and NATO have been unable to bring peace to Afghanistan, but also their military presence in Afghanistan is the main reason for increased violence in the country. 


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