Tehran (IP) - Director of Iran's Women Basij Society described Hijab as the missing link of any society saying it has been proven that without the hijab, the western world is losing its security and peace.

Iran Press/Iran news: The Director of Iran's Women Basij Society, Minoo Aslani made the remarks at the ceremony of Hijab Commemoration Week and Islamic Hijab support held in Tehran where Iran's women Basij Society gathered in support of Hijab and chastity in the Islamic society. 

“The enemy tries to influence our society and take off our Hijab,” said Aslani, according to Iran Press.

Mentioning the conspiracies of the enemies of the Islamic Revolution, she said, “They have established 270 Persian satellite channels to ruin the Hijab that we have but fortunately their efforts are waning, making them angry because our young generation guards Hijab.”Iranian long-lasting civilization has proven Iranian women's dignity and showed their coy and decent coverage,” the Director of Iran's Women Basij Society added.

"Using women as a tool that stems from the west and has been preached to humiliate women's characters and dignity has caused negative consequences in contemporary culture, the west even uses women's half-naked body to advertise a poppy food," Aslani told the Iran Press correspondent in an exclusive interview.


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