UNSG special envoy on Syria Geir Pedersen and Russian FM Sergey Lavrov

Russia's Foreign Minister emphasised that Iran, Turkey and Russia have continued their efforts to establish lasting peace and stability in Syria and a summit of the three countries will be held soon.

Iran Press/Europe: UN Secretary General special envoy on Syria Geir Pedersen and Sergey Lavrov on Friday discussed the on-going violence in Idlib  province and north east part of the country.

According to the Tasnim and TASS news agencies, At the meeting, Lavrov said: “We appreciate the cooperation of the countries of Astana process with the UN with regards to push forward the political process according to the Resolution 2254, and we hope that dialogue will continue with the new envoy according to the same approach.” 

Lavrov affirmed the necessity of moving forwards in finding a solution to the crisis in Syria based on UN Resolution 2254 and creating suitable conditions for return of refugees and displaced persons to their homeland.

Russian foreign minister said: “We hope to move to an active political settlement by forming a committee to discuss the new constitution of Syria and the mechanisms for approving it.”

Lavrov hailed Pedersen for helping create channels of communication between the Syrian government and the opposition, adding that forming a committee to work on a new constitution would mark a major step in the political process. 213/211

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