Tehran (IP)- The Parliament Deputy Speaker said that the Eastern and Western enemies designed every conspiracy against the Islamic Revolution.

Iran PressIran News: The commemoration ceremony on the anniversary of the 8th of Shahrivar martyrs (Counter-Terrorism Day) was held on August 30, 2023.

Attending the event, Mojtaba Zounouri stated that one of those sinister actions was to strengthen and support subversive movements and anti-revolutionary political groups. 

He further pointed out that some of these mercenary and atheist groups had ancient roots, and some of them were mushroomed with the support of global arrogance.

In his remarks, he reiterated that the enemies played their servile role in order to dominate Iran. 

He added: One of the important actions of the enemy to prevent the progress of Iran or the destruction of religious sovereignty was organizing assassinations, destructions, and explosions. 

Praising Iranian then-President  Mohammed-Ali Rajai and Prime Minister Mohammad Javad Bahonar's character and personality, he said: It was the division of the country and the elimination of the officials and the removal of the influential elements and leaders of the Islamic system. Enemies have tried to subject Iran's borders to chaos and unrest with slogans of subversion and ethnicism but fortunately failed.

He went on to conclude that atheist and mercenary groups were formed all over the country, intending to make border provinces insecure, but all failed.

On 30 August 1981, the then-Iranian President Rajai held a meeting of Iran's Supreme Defence Council, along with Prime Minister Mohammad Javad Bahonar. Witnesses later stated that a trusted aide brought a briefcase into the conference room, set it between the two leaders, and then left. Another person opened the case, triggering a bomb that set the room ablaze and martyred Rajai, Bahonar, and three others. The attack occurred two months after the 'Hafte Tir' bombing. 


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