Tehran (IP) - The Head of ComsTech Inter Islamic Network on Virtual Universities (CINVU) and the Secretary General of the International Association of Muslim University Professors (IAMUP) says the two institutes can create connections worldwide to converge Islamic Ummah.

Iran PressIran news: Paying a visit to Iran Press, Karim Najafi told the news agency in an inclusive interview that the two networks have a great capacity wherein the professors, both inside and outside of Iran and universities of the Islamic world interact. 

Najafi referred to a memorandum of understanding he signed with the Iran Press News Agency and highlighted the role of the media in the accomplishment of Islamic scientific institutions.

"One of the fruits of these connections is that it brings us closer to the united [Islamic] Ummah, and Muslims from different countries realize this truth and become stronger in their relationship with each other and plan their own future," he said, pointing out the role the medial, including Iran Press. 

With 57 member countries, Inter Islamic Network on Virtual Universities belongs to the Islamic Cooperation Organization which was established 55 years ago around the issue of Palestine; 27 countries from Asia and Pacific region, 27 countries from Africa and the Arab world, and 3 from the West. 

Elsewhere he referred to the role of the two institutions in reducing bias, prejudice, and racism noting that they are rooted in the evil policies of the West, particularly the UK, which enhance the racial and religious disputes. 

Najafi still referred to the late Imam Khomeini's main mott which was the unity of word among Muslims, a motto that is reflected in the thoughts of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei, an example of which was his recent letter to the US and European students and the recommendation to the Western youth to return to Quran. 

He said the Islamic Network on Virtual Universities and the International Association of Muslim University Professors and the like can contribute to the dissemination of the Quranic culture among the world's students and stop disputes. 

With regard to the inter-university activities, Najafi said the International Association of Muslim University Professors seeks to have cooperation with international institutions and foster the mutual use of capacities. 

He told Iran Press that the institution is forming a network of academicians around the world in such areas as humanities, basic science, engineering, and management to make the Islamic world progress. 

The Iranian academic figure reported the fourth international meeting of the association and said such meetings introduce the Islamic Republic's initiatives, inventions, and influences in the region and the world and then the attendees return to their countries and talk about such influences. 

"Before the coronavirus pandemic, there were about 8 students in the Islamic virtual students and now the number has reached 50 million," he said. 


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