London (IP) - After hours of discussion, the members of the British parliament voted in favor of the two-sided plan of the opposition party (Labour) regarding the establishment of a cease-fire in Gaza.

Iran PressEurope: The debate in parliament was initiated by the SNP, which put forward a motion calling for an immediate ceasefire. Labour and the Conservatives, which have both backed Israel while expressing concern over its actions in Gaza, then proposed amendments, with different conditions they said were necessary before there should be a pause in fighting.

This plan was approved verbally in the parliament without dissent. In this plan, the Labour Party, despite supporting the establishment of a ceasefire in Gaza, leaves the hand of the Zionist regime open for the continuation of the war.

Hundreds of protesters outside parliament demanded lawmakers back a ceasefire while the debate took place.

The Israeli regime's forces continue brutal aggression against the Gaza Strip, committing more crimes against defenseless Palestinians, leaving more than 29.000 dead and over 69,000 injured, according to an announcement by the Ministry of Health in Gaza. 204

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