Tehran (IP) - Iran's Foreign Minister slammed the US' consistent use of the veto to block the UN Security Council's resolution draft for the immediate ceasefire in Gaza, calling it the 'diplomatic catastrophe of the century.'

Iran PressIran news: The United States again vetoed on Tuesday a draft UNSC resolution on the Israeli war against Palestinians, blocking a demand for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire as it instead pushes the 15-member body to call for a temporary ceasefire linked to the release of Zionist captives held by Hamas.

Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, on his X account on Wednesday, wrote: "Continued veto by the US administration creates liability for the White House for the forged Israeli regime unceasing genocide in Gaza and war crimes in the West Bank, Palestine." 

The world must hold the US accountable, Amir-Abdollhain stressed.

This is the third time that the proposed resolution to establish a ceasefire in Gaza has been vetoed by the United States. For a resolution to be approved in the Security Council, it needs 9 votes without opposition or the veto of five permanent members of this council (the US, the UK, Russia, China and France).

It was on October 7 that the Palestinian Resistance carried out Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on the Israeli regime's forces in response to the regime's daily crimes against the Palestinian people during 75 years of occupation of Palestine since 1948.

Since October 7, the Israeli regime began to pound the Gaza Strip with bombs; so far over 29,000 people have been martyred, a large part of whom are non-civilians including women and children. 219

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