Kaduna (IP) - 61 villagers were taken hostage by bandits in Budah in Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State on Monday night when the terrorists raided the small village.

Iran PressAfrica: The attack happened one week after armed bandits kidnapped nearly 300  Primary and secondary school children in Kaduna State of North Western Nigeria.

According to Iran Press, the incident occurred on Monday night but the news was not known up until Wednesday due to a lack of communication services in the village.

Although no casualties were reported, the bandits forced the victims into the forest and disappeared without a trace.

A Kaduna State resident, Muhammad Auwal told Iran Press correspondent that the villages in Kaduna State have no mobile network services, therefore, if something like this occurred, the villagers have to trek kilometers to the town before it will be known.

"People find it very fearful to leave Kaduna city or travel to villages because of the banditry. If you want to travel to Abuja, the safest way is to travel by air and people cannot afford it because it is very costly. The roads are very damaged which the bandits have it as opportunity to conduct their terrorist actions. The highway linking Kaduna to Abuja or other states have become the most dangerous road in the country, due to violent kidnappings and murders."

At the time of writing this news, authorities in the State or at the Federal Government level have not made any comment or statement on the recent kidnapping.


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