Tehran (IP) - The director of the Azar Oil field’s development project said that the development of the oil field took place while severe sanctions were imposed on Iran.

Iran PressIran News: Keyvan Yarahmadi in an interview with Iran Press said that Iran had not halted its efforts to develop its oil fields, mainly Azar Oil Field by depending on its national constructors and injecting needed funds resources.

"Iran's Azar Oil Field kicked off its activity roughly 30 thousand barrels of oil in place in 2017," Yarahmadi stressed.

The official also said that the fluid composition of the Azar oil field due to the high intensity of carbon dioxide and H2S in the produced oil, and all alloys had to be used against anti-corrosion, so all the corrosion-resistance equipment, tools, and facilities were provided from various resources amid the height of sanctions, especially in 2019-2020 and right now Azar Oil Field has got operational.

"The oil field and its huge facilities are capable of processing 71,500 barrels of crude oil," Keyvan Yarahmadi noted.

At the beginning of the Azar project, a Norwegian company 'North Hydro' that was supposed to develop the project did not attend due to the sanctions imposed at that time, and later the two Russian 'Gazprom Neft' and Malaysian 'Pertonas' companies, despite serious negotiations, still due to sanctions refused to sign a contract for the development they rejected working with Iranian, so started to development Arab side of the Azar oil field, said the director of Azar Oil field development project Keyvan Yarahmadi.


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